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Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a cognitive behavioral therapy that teaches behavioral skills including mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness.  Dialectical is defined as "synthesis" or "integration of opposites." Sometimes, in order to recover, it is necessary to find the balance between opposing forces, for example: acceptance versus change. In order to change, we first must accept that there is a problem; thus, there are two opposing truths that exist and must be integrated. DBT helps you to become aware of and balance these opposing forces in your life, while also teaching important skills to help you cope when challenges inevitably arise. 


Creative Process group is a type of interactive and expressive therapy that taps into the creative and subconscious processes. The goal of this group is to support bringing the subconscious process into the forefront to help increase awareness, reduce stress and uncomfortable emotions and improve self-esteem. We all have a creative part of ourselves, but there is no need to be a "good artist" in order to join the group. The group is divided into three sections: check-in, create and process. The check-in is a brief time to welcome the group and introduce any new members. During create time, you will be given an individualized art prompt to work on until process time, when the group reconvenes and shares their art. Process time is non-judgmental, allows for feedback from therapists and peers, and encourages self-reflection.  Art supplies are provided. 



Process Group is a safe place to experiment with new ways of expressing oneself and connecting with others. The group is unstructured and open format, meaning there is no agenda and group discussions are not topical in nature. Members will be encouraged to express feelings and thoughts openly. The group space is an opportunity to develop a greater understanding of self and healthy interpersonal relationships with others, deepen empathy, increase mindfulness and the ability to just notice with the option of effective reaction. The hope is that each member will eventually be able to apply what they have learned in the process group to their daily lives.



Pain Management Group is a semi-structured group designed for members who experience chronic pain. Psychoeducation about chronic pain will be offered. Additionally, members will be taught, and given the opportunity to practice, effective coping skills to expand their pain management toolbox, such as mindfulness meditation and activity scheduling. Lastly, members will be encouraged to express feelings and thoughts openly, and offered space to share about their experience with, and receive feedback from peers.



Body Balance Group is a semi-structured group designed for members who struggle with eating disorders, including Binge Eating Disorder. Evidence-based and innovative treatment methods to help balance weight will be offered, including mindfulness, intuitive eating practice, and personalized meal and body movement plans. The group provides a space to begin working with your body in a healthy way, while letting go of shame, criticism, and obsession about numbers and calorie counting. Additionally, members will be offered space to share about their experience with, and receive feedback and support from peers.


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